As well as providing a Curriculum based PE session, we are also able to come into school and provide sporting activities in an extra curricular capacity.

Get the day started in a positive way by ensuring children have had a sustainable breakfast which gives them the best chance of good learning. Whilst we provide fun games to ensure they are wide awake and ready to begin learning as soon as they set foot in the classroom.

Lunchtimes can be a behavioural stumbling block for some children. Others get ‘bored’ easily or struggle with the lack of structure.

We are able to come into school and provide fun activities that keep children busy and enjoying lunchtimes.

After school clubs can run on weekdays after the school day, on the schools premises.

A variety of sports and activities are available and these can be aimed at specific age groups or children, adjusted each term and tailored to the schools needs or chosen by popular demand.

It is very important to bring the correct clothing/footwear, in order to enjoy the session to it’s full potential. Please see our check list below but note that it has been devised taking into consideration changes in weather and the use of different parts of the facility where the sessions will be held.

• Shirt.
• Shorts.
• Socks.
• Jumper.
• Tracksuit top.
• Tracksuit bottoms.
• Rain jacket.
• Trainers or AstroTurf trainers (clean for indoors).
• Shin pads.
• Water bottle.

Official Mark Bunn Sports Education Academy clothing will be available to purchase in the near future.

Breakfast Clubs

Lunch Time Play Leaders

After School Clubs